AN UNFORGETTABLE Farm to Table Experience

August 26, 2023

It’s a quaint little spot that sits in the middle of this lovely farm town that I am lucky to call home. Our little town consists of one main road with a handful of restaurants, a bookstore, a couple coffee shops, AND this glorious Farm To Table gem in the middle of Town. As time went on, the Duvall Grange became our “Date Night” place.

My eyes were fixated on what was being baked up in their wood burning oven. Be it the most glorious flat bread and pizzas to what looked like MAGICAL Mac and Cheese and don’t even get me started on the seasonal Blackberry Cobbler. Everyone was bustling around making drinks, slicing heirloom tomatoes which would be topped with fresh, local cheeses along with the best tasting pesto possibly ever for their summer salads.

The dining room was filled with beautiful globe lights. The tables of a thick chunky wood with matching chairs with the perfect table setting of small white salad plates accompanied with cream colored linen napkins with a small bouquet of lavender. Big windows and the most beautiful photos of their farm where the produce is grown adorn the walls. My eyes land on a hand covered in dirt holding the most beautiful locally grown potatoes.

A Dreamy General Store

Huge bouquets of farm sunflowers and the most gorgeous ruby red dahlias that grow a couple blocks away at this precious little farm line their cute little general store. A store that sells refrigerated fresh hand rolled pasta, fermented veggies, different seasonal sauces along with meats, local wines/beers, and ice cream. Along the wooden table there are hand carved spoons and beautiful hand made ceramic bowls and local garden seeds.

Naturally we ordered multiple starters. The crab cakes were out of this world. At one point I asked my husband to not speak so I could enjoy all the tastes of this cake. The freshly shaved carrots and radishes sprinkled the plate like a rainbow after a long rain storm. He happily sipped on an amazing Whisky Sour from their bar.

Now I am wondering what looks I would get if I ordered a couple different main courses…..

I decide on the most magical Chicken Fettuccine. Just as I decided on this dish, I see a huge box of the most beautiful and bright colored summer squash being chopped up and added to the pasta dishes, I’m very excited to try this.

As the Chicken Fettuccine with sautéed broccoli heads toward our table, my excitement grows. Possibly my nostrils may have started to flare as they usually do over amazing food. This dish was absolutely amazing. Fresh, wholesome, and bursting with flavors. But not overly rich as some cream sauces can be. It was perfect.

The Duvall Grange is more than a Restaurant. It is an experience. An experience of community being built through our local food chain. A food chain of local farmers, foragers, bakers, chefs and so much more.

Written by Chapin

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