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Head to Duvall for brisket hash in a historic space

January 15, 2023

Since 1926, The Grange has been the community gathering space on Main Street in Duvall. There’s a feeling about the space, apparent from the moment you walk in the door. Sunlight streams through the many windows during weekend brunch, while a row of glass globes casts a warm glow during dinners. The wooden floor is creaky and scuffed from nearly 100 years of boots walking — or even dancing — across its surface. It’s surprisingly comforting, like finding a favorite mitten…


How a Duvall restaurant makes a true farm-to-table experience

September 20, 2021

The idea of farm-to-table is probably not unfamiliar to Seattle-area foodies and restaurant-goers. The trendy term is used to describe many restaurants that advertise the utilization of fresh harvests from local farms in their menus and dishes. Sure, it is an easy trend to claim to be a part of. Virtually all food comes from farms, so isn’t all food farm-to-table? But some establishments like The Grange in Duvall are taking the concept to heart and are redesigning a circular…