Terra Nova Studio, Carol Barksdale Gould

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Terra Nova Studio, Carol Barksdale Gould

December 1, 2020

A Scripps College graduate where she was a double major in Fine Arts and Theatrical Design/Directing. There, she studied Ceramics with the world-renowned Paul Soldner.

When she and her husband Jay, moved to the valley, she commented that Duvall should be a town filled with potters and now, 30+ years later, it is. Carol’s passion, Terra Nova Clay Studio is an educational studio that shares the madness of mud with students of all ages. Many valley potters began or increased their skills inside the cozy, collaborative family of Terra Nova. Carol also teachers Art at Forest Ridge and Art and Theatre in the Riverview School District. She feels so fortunate to be a part of the Grange market in the building she loves where she once owned and operated Garden’s and Sunspaces Gallery.

“Ceramics is an art form that never gets boring,” says Carol. “It is a combination of muddy wet fun, followed by precision carving and then, the work becomes a canvas waiting for color. Everyone can throw a piece on the potter’s wheel that is functional. It is very satisfying. My greatest Joy is to make fun and functional ware. I strive for lightness, comfort, and natural colors. We are so fortunate to live in this gorgeous valley – I try to reflect that beauty in my pottery. I want my mugs to be the one that everyone in the family reaches for in the cupboard first.”

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